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Your doctor is in another castle.

The girlfriend has invented the perfect AU fusion fic--Sherlock/Super Mario Bros:

Sherlock is Mario, John is Princess Peach (arms crossed, tapping his foot, in a pretty pink dress and very impatient for Sherlock to just rescue him already as this waiting around is becoming somewhat tedious). Moriarty is Bowser (I will burn the heart out of you... with my fire breath!). Lestrade is Toad--he guides Sherlock's missions but is not entirely helpful--and Mycroft is, of course, Luigi.

Y/N?  I couldn't possibly write it... but someone should.

Oct. 8th, 2011

So, having been seduced into the fandom by lamardeuse's lovely rec posts, I now appear to be writing Lewis fic.

Psst--writing mystery detective banter fic is the most fun ever:

"A surgeon?" Hathaway says, as they clatter down the stairs to the street.  "With hands like that?"

"Must be why he's no longer practicing," Lewis says.  "Look into it, eh?  Could be a medical condition.  Or side effect of a drug, perhaps?"

"Could be," Hathaway says, noncommittal.

"Find out if he's had any medical negligence claims," Lewis says.

"I think I know where you're going with this, sir, and I'm skeptical."

"Ah, you're always skeptical, Hathaway," Lewis says, and smiles, with a greater proportion of fondness than is perhaps necessary.  "It's why I keep you around."

genderfuck ftw

I probably don't need to explain to anyone here that double-genderfuck femslash fics are basically my favorite thing ever--and this one from the Suits kinkmeme is joy itself:

Says the Girl with the Bike Helmet, WIP.

I don't watch Suits. I don't really understand what kinkmemes are. But I want more of this. I want more of this so badly I'm considering mainlining Suits on my day off and then writing it myself. What?

Third Street Laundry, Chapter 2

Title: Third Street Laundry, Chapter 2
Pairing: Jenna/Kono, pre-Steve/Danny
Rating: PG
Length: 2000 words
Warnings: More long-forgotten, period-appropriate ethnic slurs.  Also, bad pidgin.
Notes: Writing Hawaiian pidgin correctly without being a douchey white mainlander about it is hard enough.  Writing period-accurate, Detroit-inflected emigrant Hawaiian pidgin is even harder.  Correct me if you know what it should be but I can't imagine that anybody does.
Notes Redux: This is Clara Bow chopping up her day dress; this is the apron Jenna is wearing in the bar scene.

I was worried about sneaking in, but as it turned out, I didn't have to--I could tell from the crowd outside that it was one of the really notorious kinds of places where black rubbed elbows with white, women and men both and some of those looking like the other.Collapse )


So I'm teaching a creative writing camp for high schoolers right now, and we spend a lot of time in the computer lab working on their stories. They come back and get me if they need a jump-start--most of them still haven't fallen into that college self-consciousness yet, though, and they can go on for pages about how it felt when they moved to Idaho in the ninth grade and their boyfriends etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, meanwhile, I am writing this:

"Here," she said against the shell of my ear, "we can talk a little here.  It's quieter."  I felt the door against my back, my hair catching on the raw wood, and then her lips, falling gently against the soft skin behind my ear.  Her breath on my neck, my hands coming up to crease the shoulders of her shirtwaist--it was all one moment, all one thing together, the two of us touching like that.


Third Street Laundry, Chapter 1

Title: Third Street Laundry, Chapter 1
Pairing: pre-Jenna/Kono, Steve/Danny (in future chapters)
Rating: PG
Length: 2900 words
Warnings: Some long-forgotten, period-appropriate ethnic slurs.
Summary: I thought about just leaving them to it--Chin's business is Chin's business, and I had about a ton of cheongsams sitting dirty by the wash bucket--but I thought McGarrett might be here on the business kind of business, and Third Street Laundry may be Chin's business but it's my business too, if you see what I mean.
Notes: This is the Prohibition AU that was never supposed to happen. I blame imaginarycircus .

This story begins on the day that Mr. Steven McGarrett, ex-Navy Commander, walked into the laundry run by my cousin and benefactor, Mr. Chin Ho Kelly of Third Street.Collapse )

Not Ice Cream, But Sort of Looks Like It

Title: Not Ice Cream, But Sort of Looks Like It
Author: allheadybooks
Pairing: Amy/Rory, Amy/Rory/OMC alluded to
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1975 words
Spoilers: Set post-"Day of the Moon," so spoilers up to that point.
Summary: The cat's not out of the bag, exactly, it's just that he doesn't feel like doing any misdirection at the moment and the Doctor looks confused, and anyway they're on an alien planet eating something unidentified next to a table full of purplish young women wearing leaves as hats, so he takes a deep breath and goes for it.
Notes: written for queer_fest !

It's an ice cream parlor, definitely.Collapse )
SO: in between writing stories about hot women and wasting my time on the internet, I occasionally sew my own clothes. I've always drafted my own patterns (I don't have the attention span or the trust in other people's judgment to use commercial patterns), but until recently I hadn't tried anything more complicated than a pencil skirt (which is not very complicated at all). But I had a break from school this last couple of weeks, so I libraryed an armful of dressmaking textbooks from the middle of the last century and I am officially Teaching Myself to Drape.

Long story short, I'm working on a dress. Now a dress is really just a skirt (easy) attached to a bodice (hard)--though the attaching part is way more difficult than it looks. We'll see how I do when I get there, BUT I have successfully drafted a bodice and that's a major step! I mocked it up with a tacky bedsheet from the Salvation Army (old home dressmaker's trick) and it looks surprisingly like a real garment, even at this early stage in the game.

Cut for poorly lit pictures of my headless dressform modeling a cheesy floral muslin.Collapse )

Next step: draw the neckline. I'm thinking a scoop, but not too low. Something classy. Am I right?


May. 10th, 2011


The quality is embarrassing because I made them in MS Paint, even though my partner is a graphic designer and looked kind of embarrassed for me every time she glanced over and saw me drag-and-dropping my screencaps, but I am going to stop rambling and here they are.

Jenna, Kono, Jenna and Kono, Kamekona, the back of Danny's head, and Chin's adorable nose.Collapse )

And no photo roundup is complete without River Song's perfect ass: