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Fic: Semi-Skimmed

Hello Dreamwidth! I'm new to this whole crossposting thing so we'll see if I can get it to work.

Just wanted to inform the masses that I wrote a Lewis fic for the Secret Santa over at the lewis-challenge comm, and it's now up both on LJ and A03:

Title: Semi-Skimmed
Pairing: sort of Lewis/Hathaway, sort of Lewis & Hathaway, thoroughly Lewis^Hathaway
Rating: PG-13 (for murder and gore, not sex, alas)
Wordcount: 5500 words
Warnings: Murder (of tertiary OCs). And domestic fluff! It's like a two-for-one. Also, vague, minor spoilers for "Life Born of Fire."
Summary: In which there are calisthenics, severed hands, cigarettes, tense breakfasts, envelopes, suspicious surgeons, hangovers, domestics, and engagement parties.
On LJ; on AO3

I also had the most deliciously amazing Lewis/Hathaway fic written for me by [personal profile] jenwryn , who is a magical being.  It's called each to each and you definitely want to go read it right now.  My fiancee and I were visiting friends for New Years when the fic was posted, and I stole her iPhone to inhale this story ASAP--couldn't wait to find a computer.  It's gorgeous, tender, well-plotted, with the light but assured turn of phrase I see so often in Lewis fic (it's a talented fandom, what can I say).

ALSO ALSO I am typing all this with gigantic mummy bandages on my right hand!  I sliced the outside of my thumb open on a broken glass while washing dishes (uncoolest injury ever).  I can't cook, I can't sew, I can't clean, I can't play video games--all I can do is read fic and watch Sherlock.  :( :( :(              oh wait
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